I Know.

by Tony Splendid™

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The Trials And Tribulations Of Critically Acclaimed Producer Tony Splendid™


released April 1, 2017

All Sounds Belong To Tony Splendid of Bonelord Recs Except the Following Samples:

Track one: Ceefax - Don't Be Scared (soundcloud.com/c-h-a-r-i-t-y/dont-be-scared)

Track Two: The Lady's In Love With You - Vince Guaraldi Trio

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all rights reserved


Tony Splendid™ Los Angeles, California

"Tony Splendid™ Is almost everything Joseph Flores is not"

-Danny Krembleson

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Track Name: Sickity Six
me and my friends do the coolest things
we have bitches jumping through fire rings
we eat salsa
only mild please
my tongue cant take all this fire heat
I got 12 million dollars
just kidding but I met ben baller
i thought he would have been taller
her said hey tone ur a mother fucking scholar

he offered me free diamonds but i dont want them
i have so much money that i bought them
and then he said "its on me big man"
the fuck you mean?
take this money out my damn hand

5 5 sickity six
6 7 I love you bitch
9 10 11 12 if you hate me then you're going to hell
5 50 47 I'm the coolest guy so I'm going to heaven
Track Name: Sean Darley
this is how easy it is to make a beat
i sequenced this shit with my fuckin feet
Vince Guaraldi, rest in peace
thank you for dropping so much heat

(Vince Guaraldi I'm sorry for sampling your song, god bless)

put you hand on my shoulder..
that beat fuckin sucked
you're stupid, you smell
you owe me a hundred bucks
low key tho hit me up if u wanna fuck
just kidding tho
(dont beat me up please)
I'm the next Bob Marley
just kidding I'm the next Sean Darley
Never heard of him?
Me neither.
Track Name: I'm Allergic 2 The Beat
I'm allergic to the beat
got allergies

I'm allergic to the beat so when I hear it i sneeze
achoo achoo oh man oh geez
can some1 get me a tissue please
i think my fuckin nose is starting to bleed
Track Name: Highway Speedster
cruisin down the highway goin 109
passin all the cars got a bitch at my side
im drinkin and im driving im a criminal
im flexing on these hoes it aint sumbliminal

i got mad xans in my back seat
(im depressed)
im doing hand stands like an athelete
(johnny test)
Track Name: I Know
Sitting by the lake
Fish swim in water
Met a little trout man
Cant you see?
You are everything I aim to be
Just swimmin in open water
Taking no bait like a priest at altar
I know you wouldnt want to be me
I know there's something you want to see

Is there something wrong with me?
It's too late for me to tell you.
Is there something wrong with you?
I don't know, maybe there's something.
Humans are so interesting
When you go away there's something
Left on earth for her to keep
You should take way better precaution.
Track Name: I'm in Heaven
here i am in the sky
doin lots of things getting really really high
space mushrooms are the shit
i did 7 with my friend jesus it was lit
now that im dead
i can fly through the sky
i wish u could see this
maybe you should die too